Volcano Sibayak – North Sumatra

Volcano Sibayak, Sumatra, indonesia

Gunung Sibayak in Indonesian language is 2100m high with last eruption in 1881. Even though the last eruption was more than century ago, Sibayak still reminds very active. Mount Sibayak overlooking town Berastagi with sulphur steaming out of the earth and water boiling underneath your feet is something you can´t miss when in North Sumatra.

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Banyak Islands & How to get there

Banyak Islands Sumatra Indonesia

About Pulau Banyak –  Banyak Islands

Pulau Banyak – in translation “Many Islands” is a group of Islands in the Indian Ocean, 29 km off the West Sumatra Coast, Indonesia.
Locals say its 99 separate Islands. Some of them as tiny as 5 metres long and 90% of Banyak Islands are uninhabited.

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