Where to go and What to see in Bali


Bali is a green paradise full of mind blowing waterfalls, breathtaking rice fields and hidden beaches and even after 4 years here, every time we jump on the scooter and just wandering around we find another amazing spot we didn’t even know exist! Trips to do in Bali » Even tho we think the best […]

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The Best Secret Waterfalls in Bali

 THE ULTIMATE BALI WATERFALLS GUIDE ↡ 9 Best waterfalls in Bali yet secret and ready to be explored ↡ Waterfalls in Bali are just amazing and definitely something worth to see. There are so many of them and many of them are well known by tourist and full of people, so we decided to share […]

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Canggu TOP 10 best street food (warung)

The MUST TRY Indonesian street food One of the things I love the most about Indonesia and especially Bali is its street food ♥ The best way how to explore each country is through their cousin, it’s so yummy and cheap too! And as I lived for 4 years in Canggu, Bali, this article will give […]

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Bali visa on arrival + visa extension

bali visa on arrival

This article is for everybody who is looking for what visa do you need to enter Bali (Indonesia), how long you can stay and how you can extend your stay for more than 30 days. Our ultimate guide for Bali visa ↡ Bali Visa On arrival This is the most common visa in Bali and it […]

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Top 5 massages in Canggu, Bali

best massage in canggu, bali

The best 5 massage places in Canggu Indonesia is famous for the best massages in whole world and we are lovers of good massages! When your muscles and mind get the proper relaxation they deserve… ohhh… And they are so cheap too, so we are getting them quite often:D Even though the Balinese people  have […]

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