Banyak Islands – What to do & costs

Banyak Islands Sumatra Indonesia

What to do in Banyak Islands and how much does 1 week in Pulau Baynak cost

Pulau Banyak in West Sumatra, Indonesia is an ultimate hidden paradise!
We immediately fell in love with this place and believe you will love it as well.
There are 8 tips from us What to do and what to see in Banyak Islands as well as an approximate price for 2 people for 7 nights.


Tailana Island, Sikandang Island or Asok Island is the perfect places to grab a mask and flippers and admire the rich marine life.
You can rent the snorkelling gear at every island for 50k IDR per day.

At Sikandang Island you have a chance to spot dolphins, turtles and whales. At Rago Rago Island is a possibility to see Sea cow.

Banyak Islands Sumatra Indonesia


This was our favourite thing to do! Rent a kayak or small fishing boat and explore the nearby Islands or the Island you stay on itself. One day will cost you 150k IDR and half a day 100k IDR.

Banyak Islands Sumatra Indonesia

Island hopping

Just ask the owner of a bungalow you are staying at to call a charter small boat and the driver will take you on every Island you will choose! The price varies on how many people and where you wanna go to.

Pulau Banyak Islands Indonesia Sumatra


Camping is allowed on most of the Islands. Just ask the local fishermen to drive you there. If you don´t have your own tent, you can rent it for 60k IDR per night. It´s not gonna be waterproof camping gear, so keep that in your mind as well as mosquitos with small possibility of malaria.

The most recommended Islands for camping are Asok Island and Pandan Island.

Banyak Islands Sumatra Indonesia


Most of the surfing resorts are in Ujung Lolok. But you can get a charter local boat from Balai Island as well. Surfing charter boats will take you then on their secret spots near Tuangku Island and Bangkaru Island.

Jungle trekking

Pulau Tuangku (Tuangku Island) is the best island for jungle trekking. Starting point is in Haloban, where is easy to find guides with necessary equipment.

There is a 350m high mountain which takes around 3 hours to climb up and offers a beautiful view. You can visit as well the Crocodile River, caves or waterfalls.

Banyak Islands Sumatra Indonesia


If you have your own fishing gear with you, you can rent a boat without an engine for 150k IDR per day and go fishing like we did!:)
Otherwise just ask locals to take you with them and you can learn some more traditional ways of fishing.

Check our Instagram to see our video One day in paradise
How to catch and cook, get coconuts of the tree and free diving in Pulau Banyak on your own

Banyak Islands Sumatra Indonesia

Sunrise /Sunset watching

The only Island where you can watch sunrise and sunset from is Balai Island.
At Tailana Island is a spectacular place on the beach to watch sunset, with bending Palm tree in front of you.

Banyak Islands Sumatra Indonesia

Sikandang Island has beautiful spot just in front of the Nina’s Bungalow to view the Sun Rising.

Banyak Islands Sumatra Indonesia

How much money do I need for Banyak Islands Sumatra travelling

Keep in your mind there is no ATM at Pulau Banyak, so you need to withdraw your cash money in Singkil harbor or better in Medan airport.
The ferry from the harbour to the main Island in Banyaks is 50k IDR per person. There you will probably have lunch for 30k IDR and you will continue to your final Island destination. In case you are going to Tailana Island as we did, you will pay another 300k IDR per boat to get there.

Banyak Islands Sumatra Indonesia

Accommodation costs 375k IDR per two people per night with all day food and drinks.
If you will need to rent a snorkelling gear, you will pay 30k IDR per day.
To rent a kayak and explore nearby Islands you will need 150k IDR per one day.
And one day snorkelling trip by boat plus visit of traditional village will cost you about 300k IDR per person.

Banyak Islands Sumatra Indonesia

To get from Tailana to Sikandang Island costs 200k IDR per boat.
Nina´s bungalow charges 400k IDR per two people per night with 3x meals and drinks.

Banyak Islands Sumatra Indonesia

From Sikandang Island back to Balai we paid 100k IDR and then 50k IDR for big fishing boat or ferry back to Singkil harbor.

The expenses really depends where you stay, how long and what everything you wanna do and see. So this is very approximate amount we think on average you can spend for 1 week in Banyak Islands if it´s two people travelling together!

Banyak Islands Sumatra Indonesia

4 200 000 IDR (420 AUD)

7 nights for two people
meals and water included
one day boat trip
two days renting kayak
ferry + boats there and back

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